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NoSCA Select XI v MCC

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The NoSCA Select XI will play their first fixture of the season next Monday (1st May) at Gordonstoun versus the MCC.

The following side has been slected:-

  1. D. Wolton (Highland - Captain)
  2. K. Clement (Highland)
  3. D. Dugdale (Northern Counties)
  4. D.J. Duncan (Fort William)
  5. N. Eshwara (Northern Counties)
  6. A. Green (Nairn County)
  7. H. Hussein (Highland)
  8. B. Newlands (Buckie)
  9. R. Nixon (Highland)
  10. E. Smith (Highland)
  11. S. Thomas (Northern Counties)
  12. D. Duncan Snr (Fort William)

The match starts at 11:30 a.m. and allspectators are welcome.


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