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Welcome to the 2019 Cricket season

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This weekend sees the start of the 2019 season.

The playing conditions for the Seniors and Reserves have been updated and the fixtures are here.

The handbook will be with clubs shortly and will be uploaded to the website as well.

There is a change to the no ball rules which everyone should read up on. This means that after a no ball the next ball is a free hit. When a no ball is called, neither batsman shall be out under any laws except law 34 (hit the ball twice), law 37 (obstructing the field) or law 38 (run out).

MCC have also changed the law on beamers and given umpires discretion as to whether a beamer is dangerous or not. 

If a dangerous ball is bowled there is now only one warning and a second delivery deemed to be dangerous from the same bowler will result in that player being removed from the attack.

Have a great season

Yours in cricket

Tina MacAbhuinn

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